leather scrap real business..

Our company has a specialized in the export of leather scraps over the world, to be used in the manufacture of various leather products, we collect the leather scraps from factories manufacturing Shoes and Handbags working for international major fashion brands.

More and more often we feel apply. What is the prescription for success for doing business with scraps of leather, we have to be honest who poses this question is almost always a new entrepreneur in the field, we'll tell you wretch who wants to embark on a business of various patches without the slightest experience was found that nine out of ten merchants to hide leather scraps are questionable characters.

Doing business at any level with the scraps of the skin means knowing how to manage a set of actions and strategies, which require above all a great experience and clarity of goals we want to achieve, both in the short long term.
In stock leathers where confusion reigns and in all cases where the experienced entrepreneur driving fails eventually becomes all more difficult, both for achieving objectives, but also in all those small but important relationships with customers that we are next at every stage of a business.

Someone may object that you just get a good asset that situations of success even in the trade of leather come from Sun, certainly true that good economic tranquillity would live and work better but certainly not better results with a trading scraps leather.
In the trade of leather the disarray and lack of experience in the long run affect heavily in customer relationships within a business, for many it has become and is becoming the path that will lead them to be wiped out from the market of various Patches very different from the traditional leather.

Today the customer who buys leather scraps is very informed and more active than a few years ago, the relationship between merchant and customer is on par, the role of the entrepreneur in the warehouse isn't what it used to enchant, a good trader to hide clippings must provide information, answers and good quality scraps.

If you have decided to buy scraps on skin remnants, you will want to be sure you are making, unfortunately there are not many people in the world have relevant experience in the trade of leather scraps.
For some years in Italy there we are witnessing an increase in the number of buyers interested in scraps of leather, in most cases of North African buyers and it is a service which is enjoying growing success, and in fact has become a business, still not officially recognized.

The remnants have been used for years to achieve small creations in the leather and footwear sector, while until recently the market were rags and genuine leather scraps, worked in Italy and exclusively from the cutting of European cow calves, today we dumped on the market of rags of skin, a large amount of leather called crust, this type of leather from the relatively low cost which does not exceed 30% of the European one says much about the quality of remnants!

The market of remnants and scraps is swamped with poor quality goods, we deal only remnants to company policy of national and European leathers, with a better grain and total lack defects.
No we want to sell remnants and scraps of furniture, no to rags from automotive, this kind of leather are heavy and of very poor quality, sectors that do not use full grain leather.. just printed faux leather flower and dollar!

Buy and sell leather scraps is not easy and you have clarity now not to take disappointments, dispel some myths about waste leather.
Leather Scraps is a general term and includes material from primarily from five sources, production leather tanneries, shoe and leather manufacturing companies, manufacturing factories sofas and armchairs, car upholstery and finally cutting lines of leather cut from a source foreign indefinite, so we clippings of different qualities of leather and this defines the final price.
Scraps of leather from tanneries have a poor quality because not finished, large defects and inferior quality.

Scraps of leather from factories producing upholstery for automobiles, have a lower quality because the leather used in automotive coating, the whole question of poor cow calf which undergoes a treatment called grinding of the flower, then proceeding with a faux flower is said imprinted also dollar.
Characteristics of poor quality cars hide clippings, good hand softness and size from two to 3 hands palms.. medium large

Scraps of leather from factories producing sofas and armchairs, with characteristics very similar to those for cars but thicker.. we talk about 1.8 / 2.0 so heavy disadvantage with not just the purchase price, the quality is always very poor as it is NEVER full-grain leather, but only and exclusively printed dollar and very frequently with a synthetic film imprinted on the flower of the skin.
Characteristics that classify ii furniture leather cuttings of inferior quality to those of leather and with a much lower purchase price, with a poor and almost non-existent market to African countries the biggest leather scraps buyers.

Scraps of leather from factories that produce shoes have a good quality only in the case of medium-end products, very often we speak of cheap production which are used denominated crust hides, skins are coming from Middle Eastern countries tanned with low quality procedures and above are used cow leather and shoddy goats, countries where livestock unlike European countries live in open herds, then the skin of cows has many scratches, defects, tarolo and trademarks in kelp with which the mark cattle drovers.

This kind of cut-outs from factories using crust leather for the production of footwear are very frequent here in Italy and the cost is low for the poor quality of the leather regardless size or thickness that still does not go beyond 1.3
In the mean of footwear productions end, use European calves therefore an acceptable quality, with good hide clippings of prices in accordance with that oscillate according to the size one / three hand palms 2

Scraps of leather from factories producing leather goods are the top class in the industry, very sophisticated leather cutouts for the quality of the leather and the very large, ranging from 2 to 4 palms of hands with prices ranging from 2 to 4 euro for the black color.

Scraps of leather coming from abroad, this kind of cuttings are the worst of the market, frequent rinvenirli in warehouses have an ugly flower, hides with dry hands, tanned with questionable methods, characterized by very attractive price.

The moment of concern in the export of leather scraps, we tried to clarify some highlights for those who approach hides the remains, very fragmented but at the same time an emerging business in the Middle Eastern countries.